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Azure resources created by Meadowrun

This page lists all Azure resources created by using Meadowrun or running meadowrun-manage-azure-vm install. All of these resources can be deleted automatically by running meadowrun-manage-azure-vm uninstall.

All Meadowrun-created resources will be in the Meadowrun-rg Resource Group.

  • Compute
    • VMs and associated resources (Disks, Network Interfaces, and Public IP Addresses)
    • Virtual network called "Meadowrun-vnet"
  • Key Vault
    • Key Vault: mr
    • Secret: meadowrunSshPrivateKey
  • Azure Functions
    • Function App: mr
    • Function: vm_adjust. Deletes idle VMs
    • Function: clean_up. Cleans up resources that are no longer neededd.
    • App Service plan: auto-created by Azure when the Function App is created.
  • Storage
    • Storage Account: mr
    • Queues: names start with "mrgt" (for Meadowrun Grid Tasks). For communicating task requests and results in run_map
    • Table: meadowrunVmAlloc. Keeps track of which jobs are running on which VMs.
    • Table: meadowrunLastUsed. Keeps track of when various resources were last used so for cleanup
    • Containers:
      • Azure Functions will generate containers
      • A container called "meadowrun" to store zipped source code by content hash
  • Container Registries:
    • Container Registry: mr
    • Repository: meadowrun_generated
  • Logs
    • Application insights component: meadowrun-mgmt-functions-logs
    • Log Analytics workspace: meadowrun-mgmt-functions-logs-workspace
  • IAM
    • Managed Identity: meadowrun-managed-identity