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Grant permissions to use Meadowrun on AWS or Azure

This page describes how to grant users permissions to use Meadowrun. If you want to grant permissions to Meadowrun jobs to access resources, go to Access resources from Meadowrun jobs.


For users

Meadowrun will usually be used from a developer machine where a developer or data scientist has logged into the AWS CLI via aws configure (see the AWS EC2 tutorial).

In this case, the logged in user must have at least the permissions granted by the meadowrun_user_group. This group is created when you run meadowrun-manage-ec2 install. For example, a root/administrator account will be able to use Meadowrun without any further configuration. For non-administrators, you can add them to the Meadowrun user group to give them permissions to use Meadowrun:

aws iam add-user-to-group --group-name meadowrun_user_group --user-name <username>

For automated users

If you're running an automated job or service that is calling Meadowrun, you probably won't have logged into the AWS CLI. In that case, you'll need to grant sufficient permissions to the IAM role that your automated job/service is running as. The easiest way to do this is to attach the meadowrun_user_policy policy to the IAM role you want to use.

Security groups

Finally, the user will need to be able to SSH into the EC2 instances that Meadowrun creates. Meadowrun-managed EC2 instances will always be in the meadowrun_ssh_security_group.

  • If you run meadowrun-manage-ec2 install with the --allow-authorize-ips parameter, Meadowrun users will be allowed to modify the meadowrun_ssh_security_group, and Meadowrun will automatically add a rule to the security group to allow SSH (port 22) access from their current IP address.
  • If --allow-authorize-ips is not set, which is the default, you (the administrator) will need to manually modify the meadowrun_ssh_security_group to allow traffic from the IPs that your users will be using.


When you run meadowrun-manage-azure-vm install, Meadowrun creates a resource group called Meadowrun-rg. We recommend that you assign users the Contributor role in the Meadowrun-rg resource group scope, which will give them permissions to use Meadowrun (see Azure's documentation on assigning roles).

az role assignment create --assignee <user email or id> --role Contributor --resource-group Meadowrun-rg