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SSH to a Meadowrun-launched instance

AWS and Azure

To SSH to a Meadowrun-launched instance, you'll first need to get a private SSH key that will allow you to log onto a machine:

meadowrun-manage-ec2 get-ssh-key
meadowrun-manage-azure-vm get-ssh-key

This will download a key to ~/.ssh/meadowrun_id_rsa.[EC2|AzureVM]

Now, you'll be able to use SSH, SCP, etc., as usual. You'll need to supply the host name from the output of your run_function/run_command/run_map call:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/meadowrun_id_rsa.EC2
ssh -i ~/.ssh/meadowrun_id_rsa.AzureVM meadowrunuser@

The -i parameter to ssh is short for "identity" and tells ssh which private key file to use for the connection.


Assuming you have the name of a Meadowrun-managed pod from the standard output, you can run:

kubectl exec -it mdr-reusable-c8902976-03f6-4688-ba0b-2cc7bc285291-0-tdhgf -- /bin/bash