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Use a private git repo on AWS

To use a private git repo, you'll need to give Meadowrun the name of an AWS secret that contains the private SSH key for the repo you want to use.


We'll assume you have a private git repo at

If you don't already have an SSH key for accessing your private repo, you'll need to set one up with your git hosting provider. For example, see GitHub's instructions for adding a deploy key

Create an AWS Secret

First, create an AWS secret called my_ssh_key that contains a key-value pair where the key is private_key and the value is the contents of a private SSH key that has permission to read your private git repo. If you're using the AWS Console, you'll need to use the "Plaintext" view and use explicit newline characters to create the appropriate line breaks.

"private_key": "-----BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY-----\nLINE1\nLINE2\n-----END OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY-----\n"

Note that the trailing newline is very important!

Grant permission to the secret

Next, the EC2 instances that are running your code (i.e. the role that they run as) will need to access this secret:

meadowrun-manage-ec2 grant-permission-to-secret my_ssh_key

Use your secret

Now you can use the following Deployment with run_function or run_map:

import meadowrun


Note that we're using the SSH URL. The equivalent https URL (e.g. will NOT work because we're using an SSH key.