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Use a private container on Kubernetes

Run Meadowrun on Kubernetes walks through the basics of using Meadowrun with Kubernetes. This article is a small extension that shows how to use a container from a private registry.

First, you'll need to create a Kubernetes secret that contains your Docker credentials. One way to do this is:

kubectl create secret docker-registry mydockerhubcredentials \
  --docker-server= --docker-username=mydockerusername \
  --docker-password=mydockerpassword --docker-email=myemailaddress
  • is the server for DockerHub. You can put in the URL for any container registry
  • mydockerusername, mydockerpassword, and myemailaddress obviously will be specific to your account.
  • mydockerhubcredentials is the name of the Kubernetes secret, and you can set that to whatever you want.

This documentation page talks about some other ways to create a Kubernetes secret with your Docker credentials.

Now, you just need to specify this secret with:

import meadowrun