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Use a private container on AWS

With ECR

If you have a private container image in AWS ECR, you will need to give the meadowrun_ec2_role IAM role access to your container image:

meadowrun-manage-ec2 grant-permission-to-ecr-repo myreponame

See also general background on granting permissions to the Meadowrun jobs.

With other container registries

To use a private container image from a non-AWS ECR container registry like, you'll need to give Meadowrun the name of an AWS secret that contains the username/password for the container registry you want to use.

Create an AWS Secret

First, create an AWS secret called my_docker_credentials that contains a key for username and a key for password. If you're using the AWS Console, it will look something like:

Creating a username/password secret in AWS

Grant permission to the secret

Next, the EC2 instances that are running your code (i.e. the role that they run as) will need to access this secret:

meadowrun-manage-ec2 grant-permission-to-secret my_docker_credentials

Use your secret

Now you can use the following ContainerInterpreter with Deployment.git_repo or Deployment.mirror_local. Alternatively you can use Deployment.container_image in a similar way.

import meadowrun