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Access resources from Meadowrun jobs on AWS or Azure

For most non-trivial applications, you'll need to access resources in your cloud account from code that is running on Meadowrun-managed machines, like an S3 bucket, a DynamoDB table, etc. In order to do that, you'll usually need to explicitly grant access.

(If you're looking for how to grant users permissions to use Meadowrun, see Grant permissions to use Meadowrun.)


The Meadowrun-managed EC2 instances will be started with a Meadowrun-configured IAM role called meadowrun_ec2_role. You should attach policies to this role to grant access to whatever resources you want to access (see AWS' documentation on adding permissions to an identity). Your policies will not get detached if you rerun meadowrun-manage-ec2 install--only the Meadowrun-managed policies will be updated. Your policies will be detached but not deleted if you run meadowrun-manage-ec2 uninstall.

In addition, there are some command line helpers for easily adding access to commonly used resources:

  • meadowrun-manage-ec2 grant-permission-to-secret <secret_name>
  • meadowrun-manage-ec2 grant-permission-to-s3-bucket <bucket_name>
  • meadowrun-manage-ec2 grant-permission-to-ecr-repo <repository_name>


The Meadowrun-managed VMs will be started with the Meadowrun-configured managed identity called meadowrun-managed-identity. You should assign roles to this managed identity to grant access to whatever resources you want to access (see Azure's documentation on assigning roles).

meadowrun-managed-identity is configured by default to have the Contributor role in the Meadowrun-rg resource group, so anything created in that resource group will be accessible without any further configuration.